MacGregor Fat Lady Swings Putter

MacGregor Fat Lady Swings Putter Bobby Grace has done with his MacGregor Fat Lady Swings Putter that makers like Scotty Cameron have: torn apart the old stylings and revved up the technology to make a stylized and fully-functional putter. The MacGregor Fat Lady Swings Putter has accompanied many pros on their game winning runs on tour. Its name belies its appeal and it is not simply a ladies putter, it is the 'Fat Lady' in looks only with its powerfully built rounded butt end putting a weighted punch behind the sweet spot on the flat face front. Don't let the pink accents fool you either, while this putter is great for ladies it is loved for its performance by both sexes. Nick Price stomped on the 1994 PGA Championship with the Fat Lady in his bag.

Bobby Grace added Beryllium copper to the face insert for a smooth easy spin and loft that is much softer than the ordinary carbon steel so often used for putter heads. The solid milled block is strong but light and has copper weights that are triangulated for the perfect moment of inertia in order to keep wrists from twisting and ruining a shot.

The top of the MacGregor Fat Lady Swings Putter is a matte base flat iron to avoid sun glare and keeps the golfer from losing their aim. It is easy to find the sweet spot on this putter as an indention in the butt just behind the weight where the sweet spot is located guides aim perfectly. For a professional quality putter the MacGregor Fat Lady Swings Putter will put you in the competition powerfully.