Scotty Cameron My Girl Ladies Putter

Scotty Cameron My Girl Ladies Putter The Scotty Cameron My Girls Ladies Putter is a top end putter that may seem extravagant when just any putter will do. Keep in mind when considering cost that the putt is the bread and butter of a golf game. An accurate put can make or break a game. The Cameron putters are well known for their milled construction that is created from a single block rather than cast which can create ridges and is generally lighter. The weight of these putters makes for a more stable pendulum swing that greatly enhances putting abilities. The Scotty Cameron My Girls Ladies Putter like all top of the line putters holds its value well and doesn't show wear and tear as quickly as lesser value models.

The inertia produced by the heavier weight of these clubs gives each shot a much more predictable path. There are fewer tendencies to twist or jerk the putter around and send the ball off your intended line. You can also get a greater distance when required from this type of putter. The heavy mallet shape gives it more power and the longer face has a more flexible contact zone allowing for greater forgiveness.

Women from amateur to pro will enjoy the Scotty Cameron My Girls Ladies Putter for its comfort and conformity as well as its high level of accuracy. There is a high level of feedback and a bad hit will sound vastly different from a good hit which allows you to understand where problem areas lie in order to correct them and improve your game.